A little about us

At Gamerscape we choose the games we want to tell you about, whether our experience with them is good or bad. Games will range from AAA releases to one person devs games. There is a huge range available to us now, with many hidden treasures that are increasingly easy to miss.

With exception to technical shortcomings gaming experiences are subjective and we want our scoring system to represent that. Don't think of our scores as an objective decloration of quality. Instead, an indication of whether we would recommend the game to others; 5 being very highly recommended and 1 being a suggestion to avoid. Of course, we go into far more depth in our write-ups and justify why we think that.

Nathan Toper

Founder, designer and writer


I like games.

In late 2012 I installed Steam on my PC. Trine 1 and 2 were on a 75% off sale. Since then I have amassed another 588 games and still counting. I like all kinds. Currently my favourite are short, story driven games; like Gone Home, Stick it to the Man and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

We are going through a golden age of gaming where it's possible for anyone to make a game. Hell, even I've made one. There is a wealth of interesting, creative, expressive and wonderful games being made and I want to write about them and share my thoughts.

I created Gamerscape to share my experience and thoughts as I play through games. I'll play new and old, obscure and AAA. I'll pick games that you'll want to see, read about and that I have something to say about.

Gamerscape is an ongoing project. If you have ideas about features you want on the site, or a game I should know about, get in touch! Send us an email or contact me on twitter.

Paul Camacho



Colombian student in the field of audiovisual media and graphics designing. Passionate for the gaming industry in all its areas. Began gaming with the marvellous Age of Mythology, then got introduced to the advanced PC platform of Steam.

Favorite gaming genre involves RPG and RTS. The Indie world is a particular place worth exploring in which there are many talents that need some well deserved recognition.

This is the opportunity to help the cause and write about them.