EGX 2014: The Marvellous Miss Take

This was the second time I've played The Marvellous Miss Take, Radius Festival being the first, and the improvements were notable. It seems this game is shaping up to be a stylish, solid and casual stealth sim.

Sophia Take had almost amassed a great art collection, only for it to be stolen by criminals. She decides to take action into her own hands and track down the art herself and steal it back. As a pacifist, she won't use weapons or brute force to harm those responsible for these thefts; instead, you have to navigate through levels, drawing out the guards and silently taking back that which is yours.

The Marvellous Miss Take

I played through the tutorial and opening few levels. You control with the mouse; left click to direct Sophia's path, hold to run (though that produces considerably more sound) and right click to whistle. Each level depicts the interior of a building or gallery in which your stolen artworks are on display. There are guards positioned – either stationary or patrolling – throughout each levels and you need to ensure you aren't caught. The isometric camera view allows you to see across the level so you can make a note of the threats before beginning your movement.

Initially, the main methods of distraction are whistling, running, or allowing yourself to be spotted for a split second. Guards will initially notice that something is amiss and take a little longer to reach the conclusion of an intruder in their midst. There will frequently be more than one entrance to a room, so luring a guard out one side before running through the other means that you can elude detection.

The lackadaisical nature of the guards may be a concern to some that haven't played the game yet. The Marvellous Miss Take is very much a casual stealth game, rather than one in which you are required to perform flawlessly. Given the time challenge in each level and the general layout with obstacles, the aim is more to test your own efficiency, speed and cunning. Of course, I only played several early levels at EGX and a few more back at Radius so I don't know how much the difficulty increases over the course of the game.

The Marvellous Miss Take

I played through all but one of the levels with general ease in the demo. You are introduced to a sound-maker which you can throw a good distance and if any guard is within its area of effect they will come investigate. There is a lone entrance to the majority of the level with a guard permanently stationed. Not only do you have to lure him out to retrieve the art in this level, you need to lure him again to reach the exit once your collecting is complete. This is where I faltered. There are other guards patrolling the area and in my attempted haste I was ultimately caught.

The game looks great. There are strong primary colours throughout the levels that I played. The art you need to steal has a strong yellow colour and is clear to see (though I missed one in a level and the developer went on to say I was one of many and they would change its location). The vision cones of guards and cameras are clear to see as are the area of effect of your actions; such as running, whistling and using items.

The Marvellous Miss Take continues to look promising and I look forward to when I can play it again. The release date is currently uncertain but the aim is before the year is over.


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