Rezzed 2015: DiscStorm


Discstorm is a frantic multiplayer game in which you take lives from your opponents by hitting them with discs. With pleasant pixel art and a variety of game modes, this has potential to be a lot of fun.

Some of the game modes I played were: death match, in which each player had three lives, king of the hill - only the crowned player could score points - one hit kill - where you only had one disc but everyone had one life. In most modes each character possesses three discs. After a disc has been thrown you are able to pick it up again once it stops moving. Each player can dash an ability that has a cooldown to help avoid being hit.

You play across a variety of maps each with their own twist. One has mine-carts that you can get in and wrap around the screen, one has doors you can go through taking you to another area of the map and so on. The camera remains static in each of them. The character art is strong and there are a number of different designs you can choose for each. With only four characters in the game at the moment, I would like to see some more included.


The gameplay is frantic and I'm a little concerned that it all felt a bit random . Disc bounce off the surfaces and rarely did I hit someone when specifically aiming for them. Of course, fifteen minutes at an expo isn't the time to be judging this indefinitely. With time to become accustomed to the mechanics and the pace I'd imagine a greater use of tactics could be applied. I did enjoy the two matches I played with three other people I even won one of them and the variety in modes kept things fresh. There is a great difference in pace between the deathmatch, where it is all-out chaos, and one hit kill, in which dodging and movement are key while timing your throw.

The game supports up to four players and will have both local and online support. Hopefully the netcode will be up to scratch as I see potential for this joining the ranks of great multiplayer games such as Lethal League and Speedrunners. I didn't get a chance to play the single player mode but am interested in seeing how that develops. This is definitely a game I want to play more of.

DiscStorm is aiming for a Summer release.



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