Gamerscape is 1 year old today!

In February 2014 I began work building Gamerscape. After a couple months, numerous name and design changes I launched the site on April 1st 2014. 20,000 visitors, 51 reviews, 44 reviews in short, 38 videos and more features later, we have reached our first birthday! Woo!

I set up Gamerscape to share my enthusiasm and thoughts on all kinds of different games and I've been tremendously impressed with the feedback from visitors and developers. Gamerscape's articles are quoted in Steam, Desura, game's own websites, a trailer and we're even in a game - OMWG's Eternal Step - as a shield. It warms my heart every time I see our articles quoted elsewhere.

Of course, I'm not in this alone. Paul has written many articles and advised on the direction of the site. His input is awesome and has been valuable in the time I've known him.

So, to celebrate our first year I'm putting up a bunch of content today. Keep an eye out! There will be a rather good flash giveaway too a little later in the day.

Here's to another successful year!

Today's content:

Gamerscape's Birthday Giveaway

Gamerscape Plays: The Weaponographist

Gamerscape Plays: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas


Posted at 7:12am on Saturday 30th December 2017


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