Paul's Best Games of 2016

This year has been a game changer for me, since its my first year with the PS4. This opened up my boundaries in gaming more than I can explain, I enjoyed exclusives, new IPs and for the first time ever I got to experience 60fps gameplay and amazing visuals. However, some PC titles still caught my eye and demostrated that these factors don't even matter as long as you made a fantastic game.

Here are my choices for the best games I played in 2016. Here's to hoping even better ones come out in more unique matters.

Darkest Dungeon


A game by Red Hook Studios. At dark atmospheric experience which forces players to be patient, tactical and perform hard choices throughout the dungeons. This is one of the few games released in 2016 that truly made me celebrate a victory, and by victory I mean having my team survive the harsh environments and dreadful enemies they encounter. While progression may seem slow, it allows players to have better control and management over team stats, upgrades and strategize a better team composition for the next mission, having also a high risk – high reward system. There is a huge roster of characters, all with unique abilities, a gothic aesthetic that looks absolutely stunning and a very gloomy soundtrack that can rise up to adventurous action tunes. These are all ingredients worthy of a GOTY contender.



This. Game. Is. BADASS. Id Software has made an incredible FPS that was honestly a huge surprise for me. Never really expected this franchise to make a comeback and with this magnitude of awesomeness. While not exactly a fan of the genre, this game showed me otherwise thanks to the amount of fun I had with it. The game has a bunch of different weapons, enemies, interestingly designed levels with secrets, and a fairly decent story. While most people bring up this title due to it being a great way to bring back a fantastic title thanks to nostalgia, that wasn’t the case for me; I never played the Doom games when I was younger nor I ever did, which means this was my first go at it. So leaving nostalgia out of the equation, I can simply say this is one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure to experience and I really expect for more developers to treat their franchises carefully and with a bunch of love like Bethesda & id Software did.



Blizzard Entertainment has reached a new peak and non other than with a new IP, of course. Overwatch is an exemplary game that shows how fun a first person shooter can be, even for people like me who don’t enjoy popular repetitive FPS franchises in the market. The game performs fantastically & looks amazing; characters are diverse, charismatic and have interesting writing. There is a back-story that is subtle yet strong enough to make you forget the game would need a single player mode (even though some seasonal events with PvE modes are fun in their own way). This game is heavily supported by their developers, featuring new updates across all platforms without weeks of delay between each other, simply showing how much love they have for the game and their players. Overwatch is fantastic in its gameplay, allowing players to perform as a team to win, with clever yet simple game objectives and still experimenting on new maps to extend these features to even funner limits. Honestly, the game can only get better from here.

VA-11 Hall-A


A game by Sukeban Games. This bartending game includes a bunch of charismatic anime characters, well designed and unique in their own way, each having their funnily or deep written back-story. The game felt immediately comfortable, which is rare for most games, it simply clicked and made get into the atmosphere thanks to its easily established mood. In a very cool cyberpunk setting with simple gameplay but an interestingly structured narrative around all characters (both visitors and bar workers) and it develops further and further to learn more about your favorite characters with various endings. Very few games ever generate this feeling for me, which is me going “This game is incredibly awesome. I simply don’t want to rush it because I don’t want it to end.” Yeah, it is that good. A great contender for GOTY where you can mix drinks and change lives!



A game by Giant Squid. A wondrous and beautifully developed experienced made into a aquatic exploration game with a simple narrative. The whole adventure revolves around swimming through different ocean environments, filled with varying fauna from all sizes and species through differently colored ecosystems. The game felt relaxing, sad, joyful and it leaves an important morale for lovers of animals. ABZU is a worthy mention for being so unique in this industry and captivating in its entire splendor.

Worthy mentions

  • Battleborn: I once made a comparison between this game and a fruit basket. It's so colorful and has so many variables. A lot of work has been put into this title and even though it has gone through some rough obstacles, developers will still keep it up and make it better everytime.

  • Batman: The Telltale Series: One of the most ambitious projects by Telltale Games. It has a strange narrative and really weird bugs that have never been seen in their previous titles, but it keeps you hooked nevertheless.

  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: An audiovisually stunning title. It's fun, clever, and creative.


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