Paul's 2017 Games of the Year

Ah yes, 2017; A year that has brought us abundance to overwhelming levels of gaming. Publishers and developers united to revive franchises, bring us new IPs, and surprise us with unique indie games. Following the odyssey of navigating through the sea of titles on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the PC, I managed to find many games from which 5 particular titles stand out among the rest.

Allow me to present to you, my 5 best games of the year, however there isn’t a rank per se, just a variety of games that are worth sharing my thoughts on and that you should probably check out:



The year started out strong with a January release of Resident Evil VII by CAPCOM. The game features a thrilling adventure filled with horror and survival mechanics that will keep you on your toes at all times. Maintaining all the awesome perks of what makes a Resident Evil game, this latest sequel stands true to the franchise. The puzzles, weaponry, enemy encounters, bosses, jump scares, and elaborate DLC leave a high bar for the genre. We also get to meet a cast of characters who are all interesting to a certain level and we progressively know more about them as we push through the dark narrative, eventually the climax reaches it’s high point and respectively get the lesson that real monsters aren’t just the ones behind a zombie suit.



This year many games launched with the same approach of open world, to the point were it became monotonous and repetitive. However Guerrilla in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, went in first with Horizon Zero Dawn. This action role-playing game features Aloy, a skilled hunter who survives with other tribes in a world “conquered” by mechanical creatures. This game offers adventures, hidden dungeons, an expansive lore, choices and a lot of mysteries to uncover. What makes it stand out is how elaborate the setting and scenery is designed. If you have or have not tried this game yet, I do recommend going through it completely and embark on a different concept that’s not just another repetitive FPS for the market.



Yoko Taro has done it again. The amazing world of NieR: Automata features a fast third-person action role-playing game and the follow up to the 2010 popular hit NieR, leaving no doubt that the franchise is still strong and with much more to offer. Another early release for the year, and even though we get another open world game, we get one in a unique setting with androids 2B and 9S as the main characters. Engulfed in a quest that looks to have no end against an endless wave of evil robots, the more you play the bigger the questions arise. What is YoRHa? Where did the robots come from? What are 2B’s and 9S’s real intentions that THEY don’t know about? You can find out about these while exploring a vast decaying world on top of a fantastically orchestrated soundtrack. A highly recommended title if you can put aside the fan service.



Arc System Works keeps on giving us content by expanding their franchise again and again with new price tags. However, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is not just another “big DLC”, it features a story that somewhat uncovers plot points and gives us new perspectives for many of the known characters. We also get to enjoy of course our favorite fighting game with the best and probably most unique graphical visuals, having 2D animated in a 3D makes for a great blend, and with such a heavy rocked-out OST we get the best of both worlds. Like most fighting games, getting good at them takes patience and practice, and even if the franchise is relatively a good starting point for beginners, you get 25 different characters to train with and learn who is more suited to your game style. This stunning title has reached the best 5 and I honestly never expected this genre to reach the list, so it is very recommended specially if you’re into the whole anime visuals.



What? Destiny 2 as a best of 2017? Yes, Bungie has introduced itself once more to its latest franchise with Destiny 2. Featuring a story in which the first 10 minutes are more interesting and dramatically engaging than the whole plot of Destiny 1. We get old characters coming back, as well as new ones and even get to meet characters we only heard about in the first game. We still have the same classes yet Bungie makes a bunch of changes to make them and the overall gameplay much more different. Even though Destiny 2 has been a point of controversy due to the issues of micro transactions, content behind pay walls and bugs that can break the fun out of the game, developers still hear the voice of their fans. Even if the feedback is taken at a slow pace, they still do and eventually make changes for the better. Putting that aside, the reason this game hits my best 5 of the year is simply because it has helped me overcome the fear of playing cooperative games again. Hidden behind a cover of single player games and being tunnel vision by their storylines, it felt necessary to share my play styles, stories and opinions with other people and help with my social awkwardness. Destiny 2 opens this barrier up and rewards you with great teammates making it a whole lot of fun.

That’s it for the best 5 games of 2017. We expect to get even better titles by next year but one thing is certain; 2017 has been a very strong year for the industry and we can’t feel an atmosphere of competitiveness, but one more of sharing to the world your creative projects, as it should for the best.


Posted at 7:12am on Saturday 30th December 2017


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