Moonlighter: Beyond Dimensions

This review contains spoilers for the base game. You can read the review here.

Sometimes something new but familiar can be comforting. The Beyond Dimensions DLC for Moonlighter doesn't really add many new features but a wealth of new items, enemies and an eight tier dungeon gives you plenty to be getting on with.

When I finished Moonlighter about a year ago I wasn't sure if I really wanted to play it again. The ending was such a swerve of tone from the rest of the game it was a little startling. However, fast forward to the release of Beyond Dimensions it proves a healthy addition. It's like playing exactly what I remember, but with new content. It should be noted that this takes place after the conclusion of the base game and is a direct continuation narrative-wise. You cannot play this without finishing the base game.

Beyond Dimensions

This expansion does address some of the original games issues though some remain. The fighting mechanics are unchanged and are as simplistic as always. I do believe this game would be so much more engaging if the dungeon aspect was more fluid and a little more varied.

Even with my numerous complains about the game, something about it just works. Watching the numbers from your attacks increase with each upgrade – throughout the course of Beyond Dimensions my attack went from 450 to 4000 (11000 when fully charged) and seeing that increase in number is an inexplicable pleasure. Watching the money roll in after you make sale after sale of the loot you've found is satisfying and allows you to invest in upgrades in quick succession. There's little time where you've not been able to get anything new.

There is one new dungeon but it's double the size of one of the dungeons in the base game; namely with eight floors and several bosses. The new enemies are fun – daunting at first but easy to vanquish once their patterns are learnt. There is a mysterious being situated on every other floor who allows you to do three different things; crafting potions, creating a shortcut so you can start the dungeon at the floor and crafting temporary weapons (providing you have found a blueprint). These additions are very welcome and ease the grind somewhat.

Beyond Dimensions

One of the new features that I didn't quite grasp is that of companions. You can occasionally find eggs in dungeons. If you successfully take these back to town they are automatically placed in a pen and, after a few days, hatch. You can then take these with you into the dungeon and they assist you. This is never explained in-game and I kind of discovered it by accident. However, once a Gas Suit joined me he stayed by my side until the very end.

The gameplay loop is the same and equally addictive. Selling is fun but I had $3 million from the base game so it was rarely essential to make more. There are new shoplifters in town – just what the game really didn't need! One amusing thing regarding the retail side of the game was my misunderstanding regarding '?' above customer's heads. I assumed, due to the new dungeon, that they were stating that they didn't know or understand what the item was. Nope! In fact, they just require you to go up to them and confirm the purchase. I only realised this half way through this play through and felt tremendously foolish!

Beyond Dimensions

Presentation, audio and UI remains absolutely top notch. I reached the end in about eight hours, but missed a considerable amount of optional collectables. But that's okay. I'm comfortable with the amount I played and the outcome. If you enjoyed Moonlighter there is no reason not to get this expansion.


In Short

  • + A considerable amount of content for the price
    + The same enjoyable Moonlighter experience
    + Top notch presentation and audio

  • - The simplistic combat remains
    - Shoplifters are still really annoying!


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