Giveaway #6

All Games Gone

Congrats it you won. Apologies if you didn't! Be sure you check back soon for another giveaway


Hi there! Time for another giveaway and there are some fantastic games here.

The Rules - Read these

For a chance to win leave a comment with your twitter name and which game you're entering for. You also need to follow our twitter account @Gamerscapesite so that we can DM you the key if you win. To redeem all but Mind you'll need a humble account.

Games to be won

OlliOlli, Tower of Guns, Teleglitch: Die More Edition, Risk of Rain x3, Mind: Path to Thalamus

Good luck! Winners will be picked at random on Monday 3rd November.


2014-11-01 15:15:55


@ihzaraki - OlliOlli

2014-11-01 15:17:26

Lachlan Ray

@lachlanray I want Tower of Guns. Thanks!

2014-11-01 15:17:57

Mark Parker

Oli Oli please

2014-11-01 15:49:22

Jorge Oberdan

@jooijer I want risk of rain pls

2014-11-01 16:01:06

Charlie Perez

@MachineLaw I would like to win OlliOlli

2014-11-01 16:51:06


@verbankmusic Risk Of Rain <3 Hoppo <3

2014-11-01 17:17:09

Aatish Sai

@meatish Risk of Rain

2014-11-01 18:58:52


@GX11 Risk of Rain

2014-11-01 20:23:30


Can I get Mind: Path to Thalamus :)

2014-11-01 20:24:40


@m_marsty Risk of Rain

2014-11-02 01:55:05


@Estraducc Mind: Path to Thalamus, please :D

2014-11-02 01:57:50

Herr Sp

@HerrSerrano Mind: Path to Thalamus

2014-11-02 02:01:05


Can I get Mind: Path to Thalamus? My twitter: @GuiaBachiller

2014-11-02 07:43:14


Twitter: @jayadeeptp I would like Mind: Path to Thalamus? Thank you.

2014-11-02 14:46:34


can i get please?

2014-11-02 15:11:56

Marcus Wilson

@mrw0014 Mind: Path to Thalamus plz

2014-11-03 17:23:39

Carl Jones

@carljoneslol4u Tower of Guns

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