Super Pixalo

Super Pixalo is a 2d platformer in which numerous bugs, unusual design choices and forgettable visuals leaves little to enjoy.

EGX 2014: The Marvellous Miss Take

I had my second chance to play The Marvellous Miss Take at EGX 2014 and it's shaping up to be a very promising casual stealth game.

EGX 2014: The Sun and Moon

I was eager to see how The Sun and Moon has expanded to a full release. The Ludam Dare 29 winner was a joy to play.

EGX 2014: Starters Orders 6

At EGX 2014 I had my very first Oculus Rift experience. It was with the upcoming Starters Orders 6.

EGX 2014: Soul Axiom

Soul Axiom is the upcoming game from the developers that made Master Reboot. I got to play through a few areas at EGX 2014.

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