The Sun and Moon

The Sun and Moon was made for Ludem Dare #29 and is a short but challenging and satisfying platformer. You control and unidentified creature/object and your objective is to collect all the trinkets in each level to activate the exit. The biggest part of this game that makes it stand apart from the crowd of platformers out there is the ability to phase into the ground.

You control with WASD and jump with space. However, pressing shift while falling or against a platform will make you phase into it, constantly pushing you back to the surface. This is used in many different ways across the thirty well designed and varied levels throughout The Sun and Moon. While you don't gain momentum to increase height from doing this, you can jump from a height and when you come back up launch yourself across to a platform you previously couldn't jump to. The ability is used in many different approaches in the levels. Many of the levels include spikes requiring you to adapt your skills in manoeuvring through the landscape.

You could compare The Sun and Moon with games like The Floor is Jelly and Ibb & Obb. It took me about thirty minutes to complete every level. There were a couple levels which caused me some problems but after several attempts I was able to use the precision and timing needed to overcome the obstacle.

The Sun and Moon is available free here and is a great way to spend thirty minutes.