Yes, it’s another one of those fighting games with strange names, but the mechanics behind it are well worth a look. Developer FRENCH-BREAD, with the help of Arc System Works, brings us the port for UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late to PC Steam.

Probably the biggest addition to the game is the NETWORK MODE, featuring online gameplay with other players and rank matches. The netcode is surprisingly decent and responsive and very little ping issues.

As for the game itself, you fight through the “Hollow Night” which is a sort of trouble you face against and all the enemies that dwell out of it. Usually the whole idea of something menacing and there being a protagonist or two with the power to take care of the issue can seem a bit bland, but sometimes fighting games focus on just the genre itself. A balance between story and plot is not always easy when there's so many out there.

While the character designs are somewhat unique and interesting, it can be a bit tough to remember who is who, not exactly a memorable cast (at least as a whole). But like I said, designs and color palettes, weaponry, and abilities are quite interesting, even though some recall to usual anime tropes.

The fighting in this stylish game features a wide variety of combos for each character and well-illustrated sprites for their animations. It seemed that one of the key features is to break the enemies sequence or generate a “COUNTER” which will open him up to a long sequence of combos, however this goes both ways, as you can also get a quarter of your HP drained if you’re not careful. Good thing you can charge up specials, and take up half or more of your enemies HP. Recovery stances are also very responsive when given the chance too.

Each character is different in their own way of abilities, some excel at a short distance, while others prefer to keep away from their adversary and work on a long range of attacks.

The soundtrack for the game is pretty decent; songs have nice melodies while others simply perform their function of giving a fight the necessary ambience. Overall it is very well mixed and balanced.

Most players would see this game as “another anime fighter”, but it’s a game that’s worth checking out specially because of it’s network mode and of course if you’re a fan of the series.