Lost Sea

A 3D action game made by eastasiasoft recently released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this game you play as a survivor on islands from the Atlantic Ocean and quickly turn into the heroe of this toon-ish story.

The game is fairly simple; you choose a character, roam around islands, find other survivors, collect treasure and find a map tablet that will unlock new islands. Once you play around and go through the first few islands, which are pretty much how the game goes. Eventually you reach the boss, which offer very obvious and easy patterns that show little to no challenge.

The only sense of reward I could experience what exploration, even though most of the islands use the same assets (being procedurally generated and all), they do work around on making their layouts different and decorate them uniquely to an extent. The cell-shaded art style works in favor for the game as it gives it a nice overall look and gives a little more ďoomphĒ on the 3D models. When you find another survivor, you can recruit him and he will aid you in different ways, like reviving you when you fall in combat against the menacing threats of the jungle, or help you re-build a broken bridge to access new areas, or lock pick chests with one time use special abilities.

Once you cover a whole island and find all the very well hidden treasures (not really, they are easy to find). You can go back to your ďpubĒ which is the docks. Here you place the islands tablets and purchase player and ship upgrades, as well as leave to another island once youíre done. The upgrades really make a difference once you save enough for them, as eventually it will be the island vs. you and your whole team.

Other than the game mechanics and overall design to be very simple, there is another issue I would think is quite big. The game does not save your progress, you unlock islands, unlock upgrades and defeat bosses, but once you close the game you have to start over. So if youíre planning on finishing the game, get comfy because itís going to be a one sitting. Itís not even like roguelikes were you keep your upgrades or have a small sense of progression, here you only get stats on how well you did on a play session, oh and which treasures you found and trophies I guess? Itís a real problem and affects the incentive to go through the whole adventure. Yes, the game is simple and could possibly be finished in a couple of hours, but after that it just becomes fruitless.

The game is charming in itís own way, itís really a shame it lacks some basic features that would make a game funner. However if you like quick exploration games with repetitive gameplay after some hours, itís probably worth checking out.

PS4 review copy was supplied by EastAsiaSoft.