Just Deserts

Just Deserts is the latest Visual Novel from Vifth Floor and with publishing by Sekai Project, after being greenlit, it is now part of the immense Steam games library.

Aliens have invaded the planet; a line of defense is deployed in the deserts. You play as a lieutenant that has been treated with strange gene therapy and are maybe the only one immune to the alienís mind attacks. You are called to support the cause with the help of 5 heroines who will fight with you.

The game is much more than a visual novel, it features the 5 unique heroines who are all having different personalities and interests in the battle and casually. The biggest double edge sword the game has is itís full English voice acting. As common visual novel players, voice acting makes game play way smoother (if youíre not into reading bunch of paragraphs), however this is something that canít be done unless itís done correctly.

The voice acting is fine for the most parts, the voices sound appropriate for each character, just a little over acting here and there and some lines sound bland making them feel out of place. The other issue I found was more technical; the voices are not treated in almost any way, they were recorded and straight up placed in the game, hence, the girls feel like they are talking to you 5 centimeters from your face, and there is no post-treatment to the voices in terms of ambience, whether they are outside or in tents or through comms, they sound the same.

Putting aside that, the game features an interesting turn-based system. You can have varying weapons and items that can aid you in battle against aliens. Furthermore, there is an interesting stats management were you can choose a place on the mini-map to interact to each of the heroines, train, talk, of give them gifts. Itís a nice side mission to want to learn more about your favorite heroine and eventually the protagonist and her falling in love. I have found out that of course there is a Harem ending, but thatís for the big leagues, right?

The visuals have an anime art style, with character designs that might be a bit generic and go through visual novel tropes, but still look very nice and pleasant. Like I mentioned before, voice actresses do a good job on portraying their characters.

The soundtrack, made by Ecky from the Vesuvia Circle, is a well-mixed OST, itís fairly well balanced and like any OST for Visual Novels, it casually establishes the correct changes in mood for different events.

Just Deserts is an interesting VN that features a somewhat interesting plot, voice acting that could be much improved with some tweaks, and a unique visual interpretation. Recommended for players who are looking for a VN with a bit more game play into them.