I'm not here to tell you that SUPERHOT is one of the most innovative first person shooters out there, however I will say it is one of the most peculiar things that has happened to the industry. SUPERHOT started from a game jam and eventually evolved into a game were you kill red low polygon AI and no this isn't Super Smash Bros. 64. The game was made by the SUPERHOT Team and it is now available on the PS4.

The whole idea of the game is that you boot up a fictional operating system were people can interact with each other and share files, some of these files are the secret superhot.exe which everyone believes to be a game, but at the end it turns out to be much, much more.

SUPERHOT reaches existential philosophy to crazy levels. It makes you doubt if what you're doing is really a game, although the whole universe that plans around this lore is strange as it is already. A whole white urban city with red polygon guys, weapons and throwables at your reach makes it versatile. However, the most important yet strangest factor of the game is what makes it; slow motion. When you move, time moves normally, this allows for a variety of ways to pan out your moves and finish a level...

...But WHY?!

Why is this a game mechanic? I mean sure its unique and fun, but I really never understood the concept of it lore-wise. Is your character Neo from the Matrix? Is it a perk (or cheat code) from running the "game" from the .exe? Why does everyone want to kill you? Why are these files secret?

Anywho! The fact that the game runs these "rules" around you makes it so much more interesting, and even more when you beat the game and unlocking challenges which alter these rules in diverse ways. After playing a couple levels could you imagine finishing one of them without the slow motion? Not only this, but on PS4 you can take advantage of rotation with the analog sticks, avoiding time to move faster like it would do with a PC mouse or keyboard.

SUPERHOT isn't exactly a long game, but the way it is designed and how it explands its gameplay aspects make it a thrill to play and a highly recommended experience.