Neko Works and Sekai Project continued the cat girls series with Volume 2, featuring both Chocola and Vanilla and the volume specific interest characters, Coconut and Azuki. The game released in early 2016 with voice lines and text in Japanese, Chinese and English.

Like the other games, NEKOPARA Vol.2 revolves around 2 main protagonists who you dwell upon their emotions and dig deep inside to figure out what is bothering them. Azuki, the oldest catgirl, demonstrates a lot of pride and shows everyone that she has a bad temper and is very serious mannered (but the second she sees a fish, she breaks characters). Coconut on the other hand, is the youngest; we learn in this volume that she is quite clumsy and very insecure about her abilities to help the patisserie La Soleil. Both of these catgirls have a lot of friction, they donít get a long very well due to the difference in opinion, but thanks to the protagonists, you help solve these problems to make the family stronger.

Starting on with Coconut, we learn that even if youíre clumsy, doesnít mean youíre worthless or canít fit a position in anything. In this world, everyone has a role to play, someone out there will always be better at you at something, but you will always be better at other things than other people. It's all a matter of patience, studying, and practice to find your vocation, so donít let your issues let you down, and bring up your skills to perform as best you can! Donít feel insecure, confidence can go a long way, but be careful to go too ahead and turn it into ďdouchinessĒ.

With Azuki the theme is a bit more complex. She demonstrates how important it is to keep her family safe but consequentially feels burdened by this huge responsibility as the eldest sister. No matter who you are, how much talent, strong willed or short-tempered you are, you canít keep every single thing on your back. Society has made it so everyone can cooperate and learn to work as a team, making this much easier and more dynamic in a sense. While the protecting personality is appreciated, working together strengthens bonds.

NEKOPARA Vol. 2 is a delight to go through, in terms of the themes, visuals and music. If you donít appreciate the fan service, do give it a chance not for its weird story, but for the cathartic emotions that it gives throughout the entire game.