Galaxy Girls

BurstRay Games shares with us their latest Visual Novel, Galaxy Girls. This story revolves around a group of female candidates on board a spaceship, yet only one of them know why they are there and the “mission” they have to fulfill. This story also shows how drama and relationships can peak to strange horizons.

The main character is Erica, the captain of the starship. She is the only one in charge of keeping the crew organized and also has to report to her higher commands any updates. Along with her are Kotoha, a specialist in engineering, enthusiast and lover of video games. Sara, a short tempered yet smart woman who is the doctor of the ship, and finally Emilia, a stowaway who only looks for a safe place yet has no clue what she has got herself into.

As you must have guessed it, yeah this VN offers choices, which result in romancing these characters. What is most impressive however is that this particular title has around 15 different endings, which is quite insane.

The pacing of this story is rather strange, you get to know each of the characters, learn what they like and dislike, get to know their drama issues between each other, learn how adaptive and skillful they are in specific situations, yet all of a sudden you get the plot dump, or the “mission”. If you watched the movie Passengers, you will notice its an interesting film at least for the first Act, in this case Galaxy Girls leaves you wanting to learn more. Once every character know what the “mission” is, they all emotionally break, they blame the captain for being forced into this voyage and only your choices can help restore that.

While the 15 endings to cover most of that, a more suitable alternative would have been to create 3-4 more powerful and complete endings or storylines. The VN has great music cues as well as detailed illustrations and scenery, but gets sunken with how the pacing was managed.

Nevertheless, the game focuses on emotional distress and human interactions in a situation that is very hard to experience, hence the sci-fi theme. It’s something that is always appreciated for writers of these genres, as long as the universe-pact is in check. Check out this title if you want a weird linear story that branches like a web at the last act.