Wolf Tails

Sometimes there are moments where one can get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities, chores, daily routines. A feeling of being pushed down maybe by bureaucratic reigns and what you think are societies standards and even what people want from you to deliver. Once all this fills the cup, you then realize that everything is simply halting your dreams or what you really want for your life.

Developer and publisher Razzart Visual helps project some of these concepts into a short yet sweet visual novel, Wolf Tails. A story of a young man (or woman, you can choose which ever) who has decided to effectively leave everything behind and move away from civilization to live in solitude in a cabin at a snowy forest. Once the protagonist has found peace of mind, he eventually meets two half-human half-wolf girls who change his and their lives forever.

One of the first themes this VN touches is hospitality and care; once your character finds Mirari, a princess wolf that got separated from her pack during the snow storm, you take her in and heal her. This brought me back to the time where I adopted my two stray cats and they are probably the most thankful expressing animals Iíve had the pleasure of having in my home. Mirari of course takes a very huge liking to the main character and helps out in the cabin doing house related chores. Eventually, Fuyu, Mirariís best wolf-girl friend arrives to the cabin and attempts to take her back to her pack.

The next topic goes into the idea of one having to be a part of something that you have always belonged to. Mirariís responsibility is to lead the pack as rightful heir, but what if she doesnít want to? This emotional expression is reflected exactly on what the main character wanted when he/she left civilization to live his/her life the way he/she wanted to. How can you be a part of something when youíre not happy doing it? Is probably one of the strongest themes the VN covers.

Eventually, the two wolf-girls take a liking to you, and during comic relief scenes, learning about each otherís customs, and taking breaks as well as planning their future, mid-points start hitting the plot. This is where the character can choose to either get involved or not in Mirariís future, as well as learn why Fuyuís character is like she is and what developed to be like that. At the end of the day, your character learns that even though having two guests has becomes the noisiest even in his/her life of solitude, it has also becomes the happiest he/she has ever been.

Wolf Tails teaches you that living alone or enjoying your hobbies or way of life is absolutely fine as long as that is what you wants and makes you happy. But sometimes having the company of loved ones can rank that feeling up to 100. Human (like) interactions are needed in our nature and no matter the circumstances, being with loved ones will always prevail.

Razzart Visual did a great job portraying these aspects in a greatly designed VN with polished graphics, appropriate soundtrack and interesting animated transitions. The only things bothering me are how short it was, but sometimes something simple can hit you hard enough to realize its message.