The Expression Amrilato

Language barriers have always affected people in different ways such as feeling uneasy, insecure, lack of confidence and even anxiety. It’s very common human nature to feel like you’re part of something, to be like others mainly due to how important social interaction can be to maintain sanity, whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert you still need human feedback of some kind.

The Expression Amrilato is a Yuri Visual Novel centered around these themes; the story is fairly simple, the protagonist is a girl named Rin who so happened to be shopping around her hometown and found a taiyaki shop (real life taiyaki is freakin’ delicious by the way), she bought one and after she took a few bites she got “transported” to some sort of parallel universe. In this universe the sky is pink! But to make things even more bizarre, every piece of graphical media as well as language is completely different, it’s no longer Japanese.

Now imagine yourself in this position, you would think there was something funky in that taiyaki, right? Or maybe it’s just a cliché dream? Doesn’t matter, just imagine yourself in a position where you’re suddenly unable to understand what people are saying. Fortunately for Rin, she is found on the street by Ruka, another young girl who asks her if she’s ok but Rin just doesn't even know what she is saying. After a struggle of performing universal human communication methods -with a side of anxious japanese from Rin- Ruka discovered that Rin definitely does not speak her world’s language, Juliamo.

Ruka decides to help Rin out by teaching her Juliamo, this isn’t an imaginary language created by the devs, it is in this reality the constructed language Esperanto. Ruka invites Rin in her home, they make themselves acquaintances and further on develope the whole “Yuri” theme in an innocent manner while at the same time slowly, but surely, Rin learns more and more about Juliamo.

The logic behind languages help people develop more interesting human interactions, as you learn more about other cultures and even make new friends. This Visual Novel is probably one of the most unique I’ve ever played. Most people criticize the lack of gameplay from VNs and how they’re just reading material with branching options in the best cases, but The Expression Amrilato not only offers a story with beautiful illustrations and well implemented music, voice acting & sound mixing, but it also teaches you a language at a decent pace. The way it teaches it is by mixing the story and intertwining it with quizzes! You don’t have to have all the answers correctly, I mean, when you’re learning a language you can only get a lucky answer so many times.

This VN is recommended for those who want a simple story to read that might be relatable to you or someone you know who is against a language barrier, and learn that sometimes it’s ok to not know things and that there isn’t anything wrong with seeking help from others to alleviate that invisible communication wall. Nobody likes to feel anxious, just know that there’s always a kind heart somewhere to help you in your endeavours.

You can pick the game up now on Steam: